Slidetrack Blinds Vs Ziptrak Blinds – What’s the Difference

Slidetrack Blinds Vs Ziptrak Blinds – What’s the Difference

Outdoor blinds, like all outdoor shade products, are very functional and have the ability to really add value and practicality to an outdoor space. However, there are many types of outdoor blinds on the Gold Coast, and not all are the same.

Last week, in our article ‘Slidetrack Blinds – Your Outdoor Living Partner‘, we shone the spotlight on one of our favourite products, Slidetrack blinds. We had very favourable feedback, but one question asked more than all others was – What’s the difference between Slidetrack blinds and Ziptrak blinds? This is a great question and one we thought we’d turn our attention to answering in today’s post.

Of all the many outdoor blinds available, clear PVC bistro blinds, drop blinds, spring roller blinds etc., Slidetrack blinds and Ziptrak blinds are amongst the highest in quality and thus popularity. But are they the same thing or different? Let’s take a look by comparing the two.

Slidetrack blind & Ziptrak blind Similarities

In essence, Slidetrack blinds and Ziptrak blinds are the same – they function the same way, but two competing companies manufacture them. They’re both excellent for enclosing a space, look great, and are easy to operate.

They stack up to one another very well. Let’s look at their similarities:

  • They’re both track-guided outdoor blinds that can stop at any height
  • They’re both excellent options for turning an outdoor space into an outdoor room
  • They both provide excellent protection against sun, rain, wind, dust etc.
  • They’re both Australian made
  • They both have a Patent Protected design
  • They’re both void of zips, ropes, cords, and wires
  • They’re both available in PVC or Mesh fabrics
  • They’re both available with motorisation

Slidetrack blind & Ziptrak blind Differences

In terms of differences, there are few, and they are minor. Let’s take a look at these:

Slidetrack Blinds

  • Slide track blinds can be up to 6 metres wide, and 3 meters drop
  • Slide track blinds are available in Block Out and Mesh Fabrics
  • Slide track blinds are available in a choice of modern colours, including white, cream, paperbark, black

Ziptrak Blinds

  • Ziptrak® outdoor blinds can be up to 6 meters wide in SunScreen Mesh and 3meters tall
  • Ziptrak outdoor blinds are available in Block Out and Mesh Fabrics
  • Ziptrak outdoor blinds are available in white, classic cream, paperbark, black, woodland grey, and monument

The Verdict?

When it comes to, Slidetrack blinds and Ziptrak blinds, there really isn’t much in it – they’re both incredibly similar. Each will provide excellent protection and privacy, each is Australian made, and each is void of unattractive and difficult to use zips, ropes, cords, and wires. Moreover, each is available with motorisation options and in mesh or PVC fabrics.

Buy Slidetrack blinds on the Gold Coast

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