Slidetrack Blinds – Your Outdoor Living Partner

Slidetrack Blinds – Your Outdoor Living Partner

The Gold Coast is world-famous for its great weather. So, it only makes sense that those of us lucky to call the Gold Coast home would want to spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying it.

One of the best ways to enjoy our glorious Gold Coast is relaxing at home, having a BBQ with friends and neighbours. It’s practically our region’s past time, and it’s made possible by having an outdoor living space.

However, our weather isn’t always sunny. Even the hottest of days can result in an afternoon shower, which is common in Summer. While this may spoil some plans, it certainly won’t if your outdoor living space has Slidetrack blinds installed!

Slidetrack blinds are the best addition to any outdoor living space. Whether you entertain from a patio, veranda, deck, porch, pergola or otherwise, Slidetrack blinds provide the privacy and enclosure to block out directional rain and winds that can really damper plans.

Sunwise Blinds & Awnings are suppliers and installers of Slidetrack blinds on the Gold Coast, and today, I’d like to share with you why you should consider enhancing your outdoor living space with this amazing product.

Extend your livable space

Slidetrack blinds will instantly convert any outdoor space into an outdoor nook, enclosing your living space in an instance. Due to their track functionality, Slidetrack blinds completely enclose an area, leaving no gaps for rain, dust or other nasty to sneak through. Thus, the space is protected, allowing you to create your dream outdoor living space – you can add lounge chairs, cushions, even a telly,  knowing the elements won’t spoil it.

All-year, all-weather protection

Nothing ruins a good BBQ like rain. You’re protected above, but what about from the sides? Winds and directional rains can fly in and cause havoc. This will be a problem of the past once you have Slidetrack blinds installed. As mentioned, Slidetrack blinds completely seal off an area. They are fixed at the sides and at the bottom to provide a defensive barrier that won’t flap about or fail during poor weather. You can continue enjoying your BBQ without weather interference!

Attractive Privacy Screen

If you tend to stay inside due to nosy prying neighbours, you can start enjoying your outdoor living space once again in the privacy of your Slidetrack blinds. Depending on your fabric choice, Slidetrack blinds can provide good privacy without sacrificing the view or complete privacy, slightly diffusing natural light. There’s a fabric option to meet your privacy needs.

Safeguard against mosquitos and flys

If you’re sick of waving flies off your snags and salads or getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, then Slidetrack blinds are also the answer. Their ability to enclose an area prevents flies and mosquitos from entering your outdoor living space, leaving you to enjoy your food and company, pest-free!

Push Button Contol options

Slidetrack blinds are available with Somfy motorisation so you can control whether to raise or draw the blinds at the push of a button. They’re not just functional; they’re practical. You don’t have to stop being entertaining friends or cooking your BBQ to worry about drawing the blinds – just a click of a button will see the blinds glide down to provide complete protection.


If you’re looking to create an outdoor living space or use your outdoor living space more, then Slidetrack blinds are a must-have! Elegant in design and available in a range of fabrics and colours, Slidetrack blinds are the most economical and practical solution to creating an enclosed outdoor living space. They can quickly and effortlessly enclose a space, providing protection against the rain, sun, wind and prying neighbours.

If you’re interested in Slidetrack blinds on the Gold Coast and want to reap the benefits they offer yourself, give the team at Sunwise Blinds & Awnings a call on (07) 5520 1830. We can custom make Slidetrack blinds to your specifications to create an outdoor living space you can enjoy all year round.