Caribbean Bullnose Awnings

  • These awnings consist of tightly interlocking panels and concealed joins, complete with bullnose edge. Sides are also available.
  • This awning can be up to 8 metres wide with up to 3 metres projection.
  • White aluminium stays are supplied for awnings up to 1650mm skin cover and 38 x 38 white aluminium posts for 1800mm skin cover to give extra support.
  • Colour – available in a wide range of colours; underside of awning is white. Two colours can be picked to give a striped effect.
  • External and Internal mitres are available when wanting to cover around a corner.
  • A back track is fixed to your wall (white), then the awning is slipped into this track and secured.
  • This awning offers a great solution to any house, giving extra shade and weather protection.
  • All awnings are custom made giving an exact fit to any area.

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