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Giotto Awnings

Giotto Tension Fabric Awnings

  • The latest Fabric Tension System from Europe designed to be installed over glass roofs and pergolas.  It assists in heat reduction by shading the glass, or the deck.
  • When choosing GIOTTO, colour is never a problem, as each awning can be powder-coated to the colour of choice.
  • Made largely from extruded aluminium, and with Stainless steel fittings, the powder-coated finish will ensure your GIOTTO awning has an extensive life.
  • Designed as a sun-screen product, the fabric is designed to be taut at every stage of the movement of the front bar – whether the awning is fully extended, or stopped somewhere between fully closed, and fully extended.
  • Fabric choices can be made from a wide variety of fabrics, including, but not limited to SOLTIS® or a variety of acrylic fabrics.
  • The single Giotto has a maximum width of 5 metres, and a projection of 4 metres – large enough for most applications. If wider spans are to be covered, Giotto also comes in a Twin Version – two screens each with its own motor, to achieve the optimum level of shading. As each screen can be operated independently, the choice is yours as to how much sunlight is permitted or restricted in the desired area.
  • The option is available, to have both screens operate simultaneously, for maximum control.
  • To install GIOTTO, all that is required is that there are mullions between the glass panels, or Pergola joists onto which the GIOTTO mounting plates can be attached.

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