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Global Glider Awnings

A Fully tensioned screen system from Europe designed for Skylights and Windows

  • The Global Glider is a versatile screen which keeps tension on the fabric whether the blind is partially or fully open, and has many applications as it fits windows as easily as it does skylights.
  • Designed in Europe, this innovative screen has a tensioning system discretely designed into the side tracks with the tension spring imbedded into the front-rail. The screen glides effortlessly the full length of travel and can be stopped at any the desired height.
  • The Global Glider can be fitted as a single screen, or as a twin unit. In a single span application, the maximum size is 4500mm x 3000mm, and in the twin form of the product, a maximum width of 9000mm x 3000mm is attainable as two screens are mounted side-by-side.
  • Similarly, when fitted in an angular position (skylights), the maximum dimensions are 3600mm x 3000mm, and a twin system is also available which increases the maximum width to 7200mm x 3000mm.
  • The Global Glider is installed using the tracks as the mounting points, so provision needs to be made to enable the tracks to be fixed to an adequate structure. Where twin systems are installed, the two centre tracks also need to be fixed.
  • Ideally suited to SoltisĀ® or Acrylic fabrics, the Global Glider is an ideal awning system for windy conditions.
  • Fully motorised with remote control, the Global Glider will materially enhance your environment.
  • Colour choice is as wide as you would like it. DuratecĀ® and Pearl Finishes are available, but these are at extra cost.

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