Louvre Awnings

  • These Louvres will deflect up to 90% of the heat from your windows while still allowing for airflow.
  • Mounting directly on the face of the wall or from the eave, operation of the Louvres can be either fixed or externally or internally controlled.
  • Aluminium stringers are attached to the wall allowing for the Louvres to be clipped on. These are finished off with UV-treated end caps (optional extra) that slip in.
  • A roof panel is optional but eliminates rain or sunlight coming in from above. Depending on the type of installation this may not always be required.
  • Colour – available in a wide range of colours; underside of louvres and roof is white. Two colours can be picked to give a striped effect.
  • External and Internal controls are available to operate Louvres.
  • Internal control allows operation from inside your home by inserting a small metal rod through the wall capped off with a polymer swivel handle mounted to the internal wall (white.)
  • Internal control Louvres stand out from the wall a minimum of 300mm. Fixed Louvres can be attached directly to the wall.
  • Distance away from the wall is important for the correct working of the internal control, but also allows access to the window behind.
  • All Louvres are custom made, in the event on excessive width, the louvre panels simply clip over one another, continuing as long as you need.

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