Motorised Awnings & Blinds

We sell and repair most brands of Blinds and Awning Motors including Somfy, (Somfy Expert Supplier), LiftMaster Professional, Unline and Elero.  

Motorisation allows total automation for your window coverings from either using a hard-wired switch, remote control and even sensors for sun and wind.

Drop Blinds are operated by remote control and can have a sun and wind sensor attached so that they are completely automated. When the sun is shining on the area the blinds will roll down and if there is enough wind (sensor is adjustable) the blinds will retract up fully.

There is a huge range of motors for different application, including multi-channel remote controls, sensors to automatically control the awning or blind if too windy, plus many other features
Motorisation can be linked to C-Bus with your home to the workplace.

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