Shelta Australia Regis Umbrella Cantilever Outside Collection

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102/3 Regis Umbrella
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Regis 300 Square, 350 Octagonal.
Side axis tilt cantilever

Regis is Shelta’s mid-size/mid-price cantilever. It uniquely features side axis winder handle controlled tilt – to 45 degrees to either side; as well as normal mast axis tilt.

Regis has all other Shelta cantilever attributes – winder handle opening and closing, 360 degrees rotation around the mast (to give shade where needed), LED light mount and compatibility with Shelta’s Large and Extra Large wheeled resin bases.


On ground base plate or ballast block frame - Both included  six ballast blocks needed, recommended total weight 110kg

Protective Cover.


Optional Extras


Large Resin Base Optional purchase Sand or Blue Metal Ballast 125kg ballast

Regis 350 300
Shape icon-shape icon-shape
Area (square metre) 9.2m2 9.0m2
Mast Oval 90 x 65mm
Frame Graphite Powdercoated
Opening Winder System
Tilt Side and Mast Axis
Open Diameter 350cm 300cm
Mast Height  264cm* 264cm*
Under Edge Clearance  204cm* 204cm*
*Plus 20cm with Resin Base

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