Blumpa Stop Banging Noisy Blinds ROUND Blumpablind Pk 1 pair

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Why Blumpa?

Its the simplest and best solution. Blumpa’s simply clip onto your rollerblind rail to stop that annoying clanking noise whether you’re trying to work in the day or want peace at night so the whole family can get a good nights sleep. Concealed, cost effective and they work.

pack contains 1 pair (enough for 1 window)

How to install

Just insert the rubber buffer and clip the Blumpa onto each end of your roller blind bottom rail

Inserting the rubber

When inserting the rubber into the Blumpa tube give it a twist as you push in to allow 5mm sticking out.

Will they fit larger rails.

Yes they will clip onto larger rails

Can I alter the Blumpa

If you find your Blumpa is too long it’s designed so you can take the rubber buffer out and cut the tube down if you need to.



Additional information

Weight 30 g
BIN picking number


Pack Size

1 Pack (Contains 1 Pair), 2 Pack (Contains 2 Pair), 4 Pack (Contains 4 Pair), 6 Pack (Contains 6 Pair)

1 review for Blumpa Stop Banging Noisy Blinds ROUND Blumpablind Pk 1 pair

  1. Avatar for Sarah Calder

    Sarah Calder

    These are AWESOME! Work exactly as i was hoping they would. I have now bought more after an initial trial set.

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