Helmar Silicon Spray H4000 300g nett Food Grade Silicone non staining

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H4000 Silicon Spray






Technical Information  

Helmar H4000 is naturally water- repellent so it exhibits a high water repellency. This will cause water to bead up on a treated surface.
It is resistant to fungi and bacteria so surfaces treated with Helmar H4000 Silicone spray won’t make an ideal home for fungi and bacteria to take up residency. 
Coats onto a surface readily and is very compatible with most materials.
Clear, colourless, odourless and non-toxic. Non-sensitising so it won’t hurt your skin. 
In fact the same polymer is a component in many hand creams.
Resistant to oxidation and ultraviolet radiation, great as a rust inhibitor.
Chemical and weather-resistant. 
Resists temperature extremes and has good heat stability.
Typical use temperatures can range from below -40 to above 150°C (below -40 to above 302°F).
It is the active ingredient in a variety of automotive, furniture, metal and specialty polishes & personal care products.

Food Grade: Helmar H4000 Silicone Spray meets the requirements of lubricants with incidental food contact. May be used safely on machinery for producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food. Where used on food processing equipment as a protective anti-rust film. As a release agent on gaskets or seals of tank closures, and as a lubricant for machine parts and equipment in locations in which there is exposure of the lubricated part to food. The amount used should be the minimum required to achieve the desired technical effect on the equipment, and any addition to food is not to exceed one part per million.

Why Helmar H4000 is generally considered safe‚Ä®? It degrades into naturally occurring silica, water, and carbon dioxide.
It does not typically dissolve or disperse in water, nor does it have a detectable biological oxygen demand. This means it will not inhibit natural microbial activity.
The active ingredient in Helmar H4000 does not bioaccumulate – build up to toxic levels – in the tissues of living organisms.

  • 300g nett 

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Weight 100 g
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